Outdoor Skills: Cooking 

For each level, learn all of the required information and complete the challenges. These activities can correspond for any age group.


Work these skills into your regular programming and outdoor activities. These outdoor skills are perfect for Guiding and Scouting groups, camp providers, teachers and anyone wanting to learn important outdoor skills. Incorporate these skills in your outdoor education programming today!

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  • Plan a nutritional meal to cook using the National Food Guide

  • Learn how to prevent food spoilage when camping

  • Learn about proper hygiene for food preparation

  • Help prepare a camp meal

  • Learn about safe potable water

  • Learn how long to boil water to make it potable

Participate in at least 2 of the following 3 Challenges


Challenge I​

Cook something simple on a stick over a fire (hot dog, marshmallow, bannock...)


Challenge II

Make and use a buddy burner and hobo stove

Challenge III

​Cook something wrapped in tin foil over a fire (potato, foil meal, dessert)

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Level II

  • Learn how to safely use and maintain a camp stove (propane, butane or other fuel)

  • Learn how to safely store your food at camp (bear bins, hanging food bags...)

  • Learn about  other products that may attract animals (toothpaste, sunscreen....)

  • Learn about paper bag cooking

  • Learn about cleaning camp dishes with the 3 bin method

  • Learn how to dispose of grey water safely at your campsite

  • Learn how to build a cooking tripod, dingle stick, prop stick or spit

  • Plan a nutritional menu for an over night camp

  • Learn how to properly use a cooking knife

Participate in at least 2 of the following 3 Challenges

Challenge I

Learn about paper bag cooking and prepare a dish in a bag

Challenge II

Build a cooking tripod, dingle stick, prop stick or spit and boil water

Challenge III

Participate in cooking two meals on a selected camp stove 

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Level III​​

  • Plan, budget and cook a camp menu of at least 3 meals

  • Learn about food allergies, food sensitivities and lifestyle diets and restrictions. Apply any restrictions to your camp menu

  • Plan and pack all items and utensils required for outdoor cooking (patrol/camp/chuck box)

  • Set up a camp kitchen

  • Learn about constructing a solar oven

  • Learn about lightweight &/or dehydrated nutritional backpacking/camping  foods

  • Learn different ways to extinguish a grease/oil fire

  • Prepare a cooking first aid kit, and know how to administer basic treatment for simple burns and cuts

Participate in at least 3 of the following 4 Challenges

Challenge I

Cook a meal or dessert in a skillet over an open fire

Challenge II

Roast a meal on an open fire with a grill or grate

Challenge III

Cook/bake a dish in a solar oven

Challenge IIII

Cook a meal or dessert in a dutch oven (on a tripod or over hot coals)

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